Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2, June 2006

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from “The Waterfall,” a poem by Melissa Kwasny
from “Hidden Birds,” a novel-in-progress by Deirdre McNamer
from “In the Lay of the Land,” a novel-in-progress by Matt Pavelich
Butte’s America,” a portfolio of photographs by David Spear


from “Cabin O’Wildwinds: The Story of An Adventure in ‘Homesteading,’” by Ada Melville Shaw, originally published in The Farmer’s Wife, 1931
from “‘Food of Gods and Starvelings’: Selected Poems of Grace Stone Coates”
from “Notes for a Novel: Selected Poems of Frieda Fligelman”
Frieda Fligelman reading from her poems at the Second Story Cinema, Helena, MT, January 22, 1977 (courtesy Alexandra Swaney & Joseph Munzenrider), Windows Media Player or RealPlayer required


“‘It’s Not a Ghost Town ‘til the Last Dog Leaves’: The Ghosts of Tradition in a Montana Mining Camp,” by Darcy Minter

Sandra Alcosser: An Appreciation,” by Melissa Kwasny
All My Stories Are Here: Four Montana Poets—Lahey, Gibbons, Thomas, & Charlo,” by Roger Dunsmore
Mapping Montana’s Poetic Past,” by Tami Haaland
Writing History vs. Writing Historical Fiction,” by Guy Vanderhaeghe

Film (& Literature)
Brokeback Mountain’s Montana Slope,” by Karl Olson

Architecture & Design/Material Culture
“‘Unique and Handsome’: Cass Gilbert’s Designs for the Montana Club,” by Patty Dean
Trustees for Those Who Come after Us,” by Chere Jiusto

Visual Arts
The Presence of Absence: The Regardless Sculptures of Richard Swanson,” by Ben Mitchell
Regardless, a short video (13 mb file) by Martin Holt, Montana Art Works, featuring Helena jazz-poetry ensemble States of Matter interacting with Richard Swanson’s Regardless sculptures. Video © 2006 Martin Holt, Montana Art Works; performance © 2006 States of Matter, QuickTime required
Dust to Dust: The Art of Tracy Linder,” by Patricia Vettel-Becker
Illustrations for a Text That Does Not Exist: Doug Turman’s Watercolor World,” by Rick Newby

Local Landscapes/Local Food,” by Max Milton
Fields of Plenty,” an interview with Michael Ableman, by Brian Kahn, Home Ground Radio
Windows Media Player or RealPlayer required; for more Home Ground interviews, go to:www.yellowstonepublicradio.org/programs/local/home_ground.html

Travels & Translations
Julia Becker’s Flowebb: Meditations on the Space In-Between,” by Jessica Hunter Larsen
from Death in Persia, a novel by Annemarie Schwarzenbach, translated by Chris Schwarzenbach


L. A. Huffman: Photographer of the American West, by Larry Len Peterson, reviewed by Mark Browning
We Know Who We Are: Métis Identity in a Montana Community, by Martha Harroun Foster, reviewed by Nicholas Vrooman
Another Attempt at Rescue, by M. L. Smoker, reviewed by Bill Borneman
The Summer He Didn’t Die, by Jim Harrison, reviewed by Brandon Reintjes
Changing Hands: Art without Reservation, an exhibition (with accompanying catalog) at the Museum of Arts & Design, New York, reviewed by Alexandra Swaney
Headwaters Dance: The Premiere Performance, reviewed by Caroline Patterson


Jack Fisher, Jr., by René Westbrook
Bob Holmes, by Frank Kromkowski
Polly Holmes, by Joan Uda
Willie Walker, by Brian Shovers

CROSS TALK: Our Readers’ Letters




Drumlummon Institute
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Stairway, Asylum Building, Boulder River School, Chere Jiusto, photographer, © 2005 Chere Jiusto.

Butte Homes, © 2005 David J. Spear, Strike West Pictures.

Doug Turman, Trout Dream #34, watercolor, 7 x 10 inches, © 1993 Doug Turman.

Richard Swanson, Rambunctious, painted aluminum, 149 x 156 x 96 inches, © 2005 Richard Swanson. Photograph by Kurt Keller.