“Unique and Handsome”
Cass Gilbert's Designs for the Montana Club

Patty Dean

Drumlummon Montana Architecture Series, Volume 1

28 pages

Currently out of print

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Drumlummon Institute
710 Harrison Avenue
Helena, MT 59601

This superbly researched and heavily illustrated essay tells the story of the design of Helena’s Montana Club by nationally renowned architect Cass Gilbert of St. Paul and New York.

            Originally published in Drumlummon Views, the essay places Gilbert's Montana Club in the context of gentlemen's clubs internationally and offers fascinating detail on the evolving design of the elegant club, with its five stories, custom furnishings, and soaring spaces.

            As author Patty Dean concludes:

 When the Montana Club opened to its membership in the early summer of 1905, the Helena Daily Record, the newspaper owned by Cass Gilbert’s boyhood friend, John Neill, headlined it as “[a] Dream in Architecture . . . [the] handsomest building in Montana . . . [a] magnificent structure complete in every detail of furnishing and equipment from Rathskellar to 'sky floor.'" . . .

[T]he opening of the new Montana Club, with its design by one of the nation’s most famed architects and construction and furnishing executed by Chicago and Twin Cities firms, reconfirmed Helena's stature at the dawn of a new century as a cosmopolitan center and the state's political and economic hub.